Orsolya from Kecskemét, Oct. 2021

I am 16 years old and I started at Grenaa Gymnasium in August of 2021.

I heard about this opportunity from one of my classmates in my previous school. The application took a long time, but it was worth it. I got a lot of help from Niels, he really facilitated my job. When the school accepted my application I was very happy, but also really scared. I knew that my life would change a lot.

The first few days were exciting and terrible at the same time. I was afraid of living far away from my family and being self-dependent. However, the teachers were extremely kind and understanding, all students were accepting, and we had a lot of activities.

Now, I have really close friends, my classmates are very interesting, funny, and kind people from all over the world. The teachers are helpful, friendly, and open-minded, the classes have a cheer up atmosphere. The education is project-oriented, the most important is to understand how things work, and find the connection between different subjects. There is no pressure on students, the school is not stressful as it was to me in Hungary.

Overall, I am really glad to be here. Every day means new challenges, experiences, and memories.

Gőgh Petra, Grenaa Gymnasium IB, Oct. 2021

As a person, who is always looking for challenges and adventures, I feel like the IB programme really is for me. Even though I am still in Pre-IB, I am excited to be a part of such a colorful school, and community.
We have the best teachers, who are always trying to include all these different cultures in their teaching, and our every-day life as well. I couldn't be happier with my decision about starting the IB programme in Denmark.

Ötvös Donát, Grenaa Gymnasium Oct. 2021

I am studying in Grenaa this is a Danish city next to sea. My English teacher sent us a message about studying in Denmark I got really excited, and I contacted with Niels. They organized a meeting with students in Denmark after this I decided to accept here. He helped me a lot and give us lots of information about Denmark and the school. When we arrived, I felt prepared. We did most of the paperwork because Niels told us what we should do.
I have been studying here from 2 months and my feeling is really good about the school.
In the beginning the tutors show us around and helped everything, the first week went really fast the school made lots of program for us. The school is much different than at home. They use the modern systems we get every information through the Lectio this is a calendar system where we can see the assignments and the homework. The lessons are 90 minutes with a 5 minutes break we usually learn something new and make some exercises, you always can ask from the teacher if you have a question. The exercises are mainly group works, the groups are changing along the year. We have small tests, but this is mainly for ourselves to know where we are. The Natural sciences are built around a theme in the first months if you are Pre-IB. In my situation that was about Mars. In this project the teachers give you a general knowledge about the problem what we want to solve after this we do an experiment and a report connected with it.

We get most of the materials in a digital form and we use teams to hand in the assignments, but it depends on the subject.

The boarding school is a good place for everyone. We usually play something in the dining hall or study together in a tea kitchen or study room. Everyone accepts and respect each other. Near to the boarding we have Lidl, Netto, Aldi and Kvicly. The city centre is 1.5 kilometre, and the beach is 3.2 kilometre.

I am really satisfied with Denmark and with the school at all. If you want to experience something new and study abroad this is a right place for you.

Mikó László (Szeged), Pre-IB Grenaa Gymnasium, Aug. 2020

So far, going to Denmark, and Grenaa Gymnasium in particular definitely seems to have been the right choice to make.
Students looking for a change of pace, struggling with their home country's style of teaching, trying to expand their possibilities, or having other similar goals should definitely look into this programme.
It offers a much more relaxed and personal environment, and seeks to help people work hard without becoming exhausted.
Although all the paperwork required for staying in Denmark can rightly seem intimidating, I can tell from personal experience that a good contact person can be immensely helpful for that.

Parent in Australia
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Parent in Australia (Grenaa Gymnasium)

The attitude and the framework of the IB program is of an impressive standard and we are happy that our daughter has the opportunity to take part in it.

Clarissa, former IB student
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Clarissa, former IB student at Grenaa Gymnasium

I recently got into Aarhus University’s Biology department and I am unbelievably happy to have started there. You will definitely feel well-prepared for university life after IB.

Julie Bloch Hornsved, IBG Dorm
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Julie Bloch Hornsved, IBG Dorm

"I like living at the IBG Dorm. The surroundings are great and it’s close to both the school and town. It’s a great way to get to know other IB students as well. We have a little community and often come together for a cup of tea or other social gatherings. The area is full of life and there’s always people around."

Arnis Prokopovics, IB student
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Arnis Prokopovics, IB student

"In CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) you get to do projects that go beyond everyday school life. You get to educate yourself to become a committed citizen and participate actively in your community. I am a part of the school’s student council and I’m also an ambassador for the school. It’s a great way to strengthen my communication skills and also a great way to spread knowledge of the IB to others. If you have the courage to take on an ambitious education, where CAS challenges you to become an active citizen I would definitely recommend the IB."

Christian Ebbesen, IB Sport student
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Christian Ebbesen, IB Sport student (Ikast-Brande Gymnasium)

"I have lived in five different countries and have always attended international schools. Besides that, I have played soccer my whole life, so IB Sport is a perfect solution for me. It’s an international education combined with sports. We have morning practice three times a week which doesn’t interfere with our regular schedule. There’s room for both sport and school and I get to play with other skilled soccer players. It’s great."

Yihan Liu Overgaard, Pre-IB student
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Yihan Liu Overgaard, Pre-IB student

"I’ve lived in China and Germany, so it was natural for me to choose an international education and the Pre-IB is an excellent way to prepare for the IB. So far, I like it very much. The school is very internationally oriented, and the teachers are great. They really try to include our different cultural backgrounds in class. It’s a great way to get to know other cultures and at the same time feel very included."

Juan Jose Abia Fernandez, IB student (Spain)
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Juan Jose Abia Fernandez, IB student (Spain) (Ikast-Brande Gymnasium)

"I first learned about Denmark and the IB, when I was in a one-week exchange here in 10th grade. Once I heard about the IB programme I knew that it was something, I wanted to do. I came back to Denmark to join the IB at Ikast-Brande Gymnasium and I am very glad I did. I would like to study software engineering at university and the IB allows me to study anywhere in the world. Being able to choose where to go means a lot to me."