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February Programs in Denmark

[2016-09-19 04:18:00]

February programs in Denmark 2017
AAU - Aalborg University (master programs)
1. Building Energy Design (Aalborg) 2. Management in the Building Industry(Aalborg)
3. Risk & Safety Management (Esbjerg) 4. Economics/Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics (Aalborg)
5. Economics and Business Administration (Aalborg)
UCN - University College of Northern Denmark
1. Software Development (Top-up Bachelor)
BAAA - Busines Academy Aarhus
1. Architectural Technology & Construction Management (Bachelor) 2. IT Networks & Electronic Technology (AP)
3. Multimedia Design and Communication (AP) 4. Digital Development (Top-up Bachelor)
5. Chemical and Biotechnical management (Food/process Tech) (Top-up Bachelor)
6. Automative Technology (AP) 7. Web Development (Top-up bachelor)
VIA - VIA University College
1. Architectural Technology & Construction Management (Bachelor) 2. ICT Engineering (Bachelor)
3. Civil Engineering (Bachelor)
EAL - Lillebaelt Academy
1. Logistics Management (AP) (Vejle) 2. Digital Concept Development (Top-up Bachelor)
3. Web Development (Top-up Bachelor) 4. Architectural Technology & Construction Management (Bachelor)
5. Service and Hospitality Management (AP) Odense and Vejle
CPHB - Copenhagen Business Academy
1. AP Degree in Marketing Management 2. AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management
3. Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management 4. Bachelor in Software Development
ZIBAT - Zealand Institute of Business and Technology
1. Marketing Management (AP) (Roskilde) 2. Computer Science (AP) (Roskilde)
3. Commerce Management (AP) (Naestved) 4. International Sales & Marketing Management (Top-up Bachelor) (Roskilde+Naestved) 5. Web Development (Top-up Bachelor) (Roskilde)
6. Hospitality and Tourism Management (AP) (Köge)
EASV Business Academy South West
1. Technical Management Offshore (AP) (Esbjerg)
KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Business
1. Multimedia Design and Communication (AP) 2. IT Technology (AP)
3 . Digital Concept Development (Top-up Bachelor) 4 . Web Development (Top-up Bachelor)
5 . Software Development (Top-up Bachelor)  6 . Product Development and Integrative Technology (Top-up Bachelor) 7 . Architectural Technology and Construction Management (Bachelor)

Aalborg University Master: 1 October
Business Acacemy Aarhus: 15 October
Copenhagen Business Academy: 1 November
EAL College Odense / UCN / KEA: 1 December
The others: approx. 1 December

For admission: Contact us at and check the schools own web.


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