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AP degree

After completing the two-year program, students get a diploma and can work, or can do 1.5 years of further studies to obtain a Bachelor's degree.

The courses are grouped into the categories:

Engineering / Science
IT / Web / Electronics

Click on the school name to get to the course on the schools website.

Note: Special entrance examination is required for design programs (fashion design + graphic design).


Architectural Technology & Construction Management

(schools: UCN, EAL, KEA, VIA)
(After finishing two years, students can get an AP degree.)


Design, Technology & Business (Grahpics)

(school: UCN)

Design Technology & Business (Fashion)

(schools: VIA Design, BASW (Sönderborg - new!))

Pattern Design

(school: VIA Design)

Engineering / Science:

Energy Technology

(school: UCN)

Chemical & Biotechnical Science

(school: BAAA)

Automotive Technology

(schools: BAAA (racing cars)
Dania Academy (Viborg - normal cars))

Automation Engineering

(school: UCN)

Production Technology - (new!!)

(school: KEA)

IT / Web / Electronics:

Computer Science

(schools: UCN, BAAA (The programme will not be running in 2016), KEA, ZIBAT (Roskilde), BASW (Esbjerg & Sönderborg - new!))

Multimedia Design & Communication

(schools: UCN, BAAA, KEA, ZIBAT (Köge), BASW (Esbjerg - new!))

IT & Electronics Technology

(schools: EAL, Dania Academy (Viborg))

IT Network & Electronics Technology

(schools: UCN, BAAA)


Marketing Management

(schools: UCN, Dania Academy (Viborg - Randers), BAAA, EAL, CPH-Business, ZIBAT (Roskilde), BASW (Esbjerg & Sönderborg - (new!)), VIA)

Service, Hospitality & Tourism Management

(schools: UCN, Dania Academy (Randers), EAL (Odense - Vejle), CPH-Business, ZIBAT (Köge, Slagelse))

Logistics Management

(schools: EAL, ZIBAT (Köge))

Commerce Management

(school: ZIBAT (Naestved))

Purchasign Management - Fashion

(school: VIA Design)

Branding- & Marketing Management - Fashion & Furniture

(school: VIA Design)

Retail Design & Management - Fashion & Furniture

(school: VIA Design)

Management Technology

(school: BASW (Esbjerg - New!))

Environmental Management

(school: BAAA (Aarhus - New!))

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